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The most narrow dinosaur - Ankylosaurus


Lived:Late cretaceous

Ankylosaurus was is not longer 10 meters long. But 4.4 meters long. Ankylosaurus was about 5 meters narrow!

The dinosaur with the heaviest claw - Baryonx


Lived:Early Cretaceous

Baryonx's claw was 0.75 meters, long but Therizinosaurus's claw was 75 meters long, But the claws weight up to 7 tons!!

The smallest dinosaur-Unnamed

Lived: Late Trassic

An unnamed dinosaur footprint was found. Yet we do not know if it belonged to a adult dinosaur.

The largest dinosaur-Barosaurus

Lived Late Jurassic-Late Cretaceous?

Barosaurus is the longest dinosaur known for remains. Although Amphicoelias may have grew larger as well as some ichnotaxa, the dinosaurs are known for fragmently remains.

Most types-Grallator

lived Late Trassic-Late Cretaceous

There is more than 20 types of Grallator.

The smartest dinosaur - Troodon

Lived:Late cretaceous

Troodon is still alive until now they could catch prey like for example, Protoceratops, Pentaceratops and they would be could pet .