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Velociraptor is a genus of small theropod. It fossils have been found mainly in Asia. Although, in Jurassic World, and Park, it is decipted as scaly, evidence suggests it had feathers.


Velociraptor was 6.9 ft, and barely taller than 1 ft. Although it is said to be 33 ib, some estimates are 43 ib. It had a large sickle claw, as well as a long tail for balance. A fossil of a Velociraptor was found battling with a Protoceratops, a smaller cousin to Triceratops, and Centrosaurus.


Velociraptor is mainly known in Mongolia, and China. However, fossils have been reported in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Canada (Alberta). Although tracks believed to belong to Velociraptor have been found in Bolivia, they probably belonged to another small theropod, most likely another coelurosaur.